Bitchin’ Kitchens

white kitchen

I love me some home renovations.  Luckily, I married someone who can make these projects come to life.  We’ve tackled some good ones together (and by together, I mean that Steve builds things single-handedly with his freakish strength and I sit and read US Weekly aloud to him whilst sipping on an iced tea).  We (ahem) have installed a paver patio, which has since been replaced by a deck…we’ve lived in this house for 6 years…I’m sorry if I change my mind frequently!  We’ve started to replace the windows in the house, we built a two car garage/workshop in the backyard, and the list goes on.  And guess what!  Summer is coming and I have a nice big list of projects for Steve.  The first on the list…a little kitchen reno!  I’ve been perusing pins looking for some good inspiration.  I’m thinking of going for an earthy cottage look…if that’s a thing.  Well, I guess it is now.  Earthy Cottage with a dash of Modern Whimsy.  Obvi.

Here are some pretty pictures for you to enjoy.

white kitchen

I love the crisp white with the open wood shelving. Hubba hubba.

earthy kitchen

So earthy I can almost smell dirt. Is that a concrete countertop I spy?  Yes, please!

white kitchen

Loving the black accents with the white.

earthy kitchen

If my kitchen were three times larger…

open shelving

Such a sucker for open shelving.

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