Find Your Style


Inspiration for your home can come from anywhere or anything.  Today, we’re looking at how your very own closet can help you when you’re in a design rut.  From a guest bath to a formal living room…your closet just might have the answer you’re looking for.

Assignment:  Pull together your favorite outfit in the world to wear.  It doesn’t have to be the most trendy, or the dressiest.  The only rule is that it has to be the outfit you feel the best in…whether it makes you feel your sexiest, your most powerful, or even the most creative and playful in.  It can be as simple as jeans, a white tee shirt, and your birks.  Whatever it is, be sure to include your favorite pieces of jewelry and accessories that you’d wear with that outfit.  Use these pieces to help narrow down your style.  Here’s how you do it:

I found this outfit on pinterest…(I’m sorry, but it’s laundry day and my faves are in the wash…I’ll do my own outfit someday soon!).


These are the elements I see in this picture:  Neutrals/crisp ivory/geometric shapes/earthy textures/metallics.  There are more details (the red nails/the black leggings, etc.), but as a whole, these are the main “ingredients” I’m going to work with.  I started from the outfit this time, and saw a living room, but this outfit could easily become a bathroom, a bedroom, or even a laundry room.

Here is what I pulled together to create a room for this stylin’ stranger:


The ivory leather couch is the bread and butter of this collection. It is a clean, structured piece that grounds the earthy textures.


The rug plays of the sleek couch, giving the room the texture and depth.


These end tables are sleek, geometric, and are a bit industrial. They balance the ivory couch and bring out the darker tones in the rug.


The lamps needed to be as inconspicuous as possible in this room. The pillows will be the showstoppers and there’s no need to compete with those beauties.


The pillows are straight up arm candy for this couch. Just as the model in the pic has piled on metallic and geometric jewels, I have done the same to the couch.


When buying throw pillows, be sure to find them in multiple textures. So often you hear about mixing prints, but texture is just as important. A room with no texture has no depth…and you wouldn’t want that, now would you?


More textural yumminess.


Textured AND metallic!? I know!

Ok, people.  No excuses.  Finding your style is as easy as going through your closet…and if you’re super stuck, send me a pic of your favorite outfit and I’ll be happy to help you pull a room together!

Shop the look:

Couch & End Table//

Lamp & Throw Pillows//



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