Open Shelving and Other Tough Decisions

open shelving

Me, a perfectionist?  No way…Perfectionists run marathons and wear khakis.  Perfectionists don’t bite their nails and they have blonde hair.

Guess what…apparently Perfectionists come in all shapes and sizes.  Eek!  I’ve never thought of myself as one of those people…but when it comes to my house, I can’t stop.  I want to redo everything.  It’s a sickness, really.  The Perfectionist bug got me.  There aren’t any ugly rooms in the house, but there are some that just aren’t…quite living up to their full potential.  I go back and forth on the things I’d like to change in the house because I’m pretty sure this is not a house we’ll be growing old in.  In the past decade, design shows and magazines have really brought awareness to the business of real estate.  There are shows that focus completely on whether or not homeowners have made good or bad decisions, financially, with their remodels.  The ‘improvements’ I want to make on this house are strictly aesthetic.  Waste of money?  Probably.  Good fun?  Absolutely!  My house, as is, would be fine to sell.  I just feel like it’s my duty to make my house be the very best little house it can be!  That’s where the problem comes in…the changes I want to make are changes I’d like to see, not necessarily changes a future buyer would like to see.  Living in a small town, I’m not sure these changes would sit well with the majority of buyers out there.  These are the changes I’m talking about:

whitewashed floors

Fix: Whitewashed floors. We currently have great oak flooring…but I’m sick of the yellowish honey color…I know…picky, picky.

white walls and trim

Fix: White trim and walls. Our walls are a very neutral beige…and really, the perfect beige…but I want white. Seriously, I know…but I warned you…all of the changes are totally aesthetic…


Fix: Clean, straight white trim. I hate the detailing on our trim. I don’t care if people notice our trim…look at the cute pillows on the couch!

open shelving

Fix: Open shelving in the kitchen. This one I really go back and forth on. I’m really into this minimalism look right now and I just want clean lined everything. On the flip-side, I’m always hearing people say they could never have open shelving because their things would look terrible. This is a resale issue. To shelve openly or not to shelve openly…that is the question.

concrete countertop

Fix: Concrete countertops. I fell in love with my first concrete countertop in the spring of 2005. The cool and smooth texture, the sleek and matte surface. It’s a day I’ll never forget. For close to a decade I’ve been dreaming of a concrete counter…isn’t it time I got one?

grey door

Fix: Painted doors. Our doors are original to the house. Totally straight doors, no detailing…which I actually like. I’d love to just go crazy and paint them black, but I know that would be a little too risque, so I’ve been recently looking at different shades of grey…apparently there are like 50 of them (har har…bad joke).

So, this is my dream list.  What do you think?  Risk ever being able to sell my home in this small town, or take a leap and do it?  Would you like these features in a home or would they totally turn you off?  Oh, the decisions.

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