Chalkboard Walls: 3 Reasons Why I’m Standing by the Trend

chalkboard wall

I usually get over trends as soon as they start.  This may be because I see the trends emerge on my buying trips before they become mainstream.  Or maybe it’s because I don’t want my house to be like every other home on the block.  There’s one trend, however, that I’m sticking by.  Chalkboard walls.  Here’s why:

1.  Chalkboard walls can fuel creativity.  I don’t care what the surface is…paper, canvas, a chalkboard.  Any surface that can be drawn on, painted on, sculpted on, etc., is a fine surface in my book.  I love that chalkboard walls are versatile and can become anything that you want them to be.  This is especially valuable in visual design.  Here’s a nice example from Anthropologie.  They nailed it…weird.

anthro chalkboard display


By using chalk, they were able to create the setting they desired.  With just two elements, paint and chalk, the artist was given total creative control.


2.  Everything looks better on black.  It’s true.  It just does.  Whites look whiter, colors look colorier.  What?  They do!  I painted one small wall with chalkboard paint in Edie’s room.  I have not used the wall as a writing surface, nor have I introduced her to the magic of the wall yet (she’s only 2…I think I’ll wait until she realizes chalk is definitely not delicious).

chalkboard wall


See what I’m talking about!?  The white shelves pop.  The colors pop.  Even the birch wood animals pop.  Pop…said it too many times.  Now it just sounds weird.  Pop.


3.  It’s just good fun.  I really love a home that doesn’t take itself so seriously.   This is why I have Pee Wee Herman on my mantel.  That might be taking it a little too far for some of you, but luckily, there is chalkboard paint to help bridge that gap.  With chalkboard paint, you can write up your favorite song lyrics, whip up a love sonnet, draw a line graph depicting how much you typically eat on any given stressful holiday.  The options are simply endless.

Chalkboard Wall

In this lovely example, they clearly gave the chalk to their young child who is only pretending to be able to write.  But it still works.  That’s what’s important.

And finally, here are two more of my favorite examples of chalkboard walls done right.

chalkboard mood board


chalkboard entry way wall


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