When Scandinavians & Grizzly Bears Collide

rather be up north

One thing I’m really looking forward to this summer is giving my parents’ cabin a little makeover.  The state it’s in is well, kind of a mashup of Scandinavian Cottage – meets 70s Condo – meets A Grizzly Bear.  I promise to show current pics the next time I’m up there.  The look I’m going for is more Scandinavian Cottage – meets American Farmhouse.

Here’s how we’re going to achieve that…

1.  Reduce the clutter.  We’re going to take out the things that my mom doesn’t love or use.  The beauty of going to the cabin is that you don’t need anything besides some jeans, sweats, and a swim suit.  That’s what the cabin should be about…just the basics.

2.  Reuse pieces.  I love a mix of old and new.  My mom has purchased things over the years that are just aren’t ‘her.’  We’ll be painting and reusing these pieces as much as possible.

3.  Going neutral with new pieces.  The cabin is all about relaxing.  Surrounded by trees with a lake view…there’s no need for crazy patterns up there…the beauty is in the nature.  See more on this subject here.

I’m looking forward to showing you our progress as we go!  One super exciting thing (it’s all about the little things, people) we found when we were up there…peeling back the carpet in what we like to call the boathouse (just to be fancy…because it’s totally just part of a garage that has been turned into a detached porch)…the glue on the concrete can easily be scraped off with a little elbow grease!  Concrete floors:  what dreams are made of.

And now for your viewing pleasure…some pics that are inspiring me as a I plan…

cabin kitchen

(image source)

cabin bed

(image source)

cabin bedding

(image source)

neutral linens

(image source)

Oh…and the picture of that awesome t-shirt that brought you into this post….rather be up north

(image source)


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