4 Trends that Make This Girl Happy

boho rug

I don’t consider myself someone who jumps on the trend bandwagon.  Ok, maybe I have picked up a brass accent or two within the past 18 months, but other than that…I kind of like my pieces quirky and unique.  This is also why I don’t carry items that are super trend hot at the shop; I’ll leave that to the big boxes.  I don’t do chevron.  I don’t do rugs with type fonts on them.  Not because I haven’t been drawn to them, but because I know that I am an indecisive crazy lady and that I will regret it six months, or five minutes later, when something ‘better’ comes out.  I am someone who needs neutral curtains.  I am someone who needs furniture that is not sold in sets.  I have done some soul searching and have found my true self.  This is what life’s about, people:  Knowing the difference between decor that you can and cannot live with.

Here are 4 trends that I CAN live with, and here’s why:  three of these trends have cultural influence…that just doesn’t get old.  Well it can…but I’ll finish that thought at the end of this post.

1.  Rugs

Rich colors, wonderful textures.  We will only continue to see more of these babies through fall…yippee!

boho rug

»photo source


2.  Simple and Small Living

Folks are finally warming up to the concept that less can indeed be more.  See how pretty less can be?

black and white photos»photo source


3.  Boho Kitchen

Boho Modern makes its way into the kitchen.  Inspired by faraway places, we will see more patterned tiles invade our kitchens and baths.  I’m super happy about this trend.  I thought I wanted a white white kitchen…then, I realized that’s just not me.  I need something to help ground a space.  Give it a more laid back feel.  Now I just have to plan some trips abroad to scour antique stores for the perfect vintage tiles.  Would that be a Kickstarter-acceptable project?

tiles »photo source


4.  House plants

Well, so far this year, we have seen more Fiddle Leaf Fig trees (Ficus lyrata—for the purist) than we could have ever imagined.  If you don’t know what one is, behold it’s majestic powers.  I still can’t wrap my head around exactly how a plant species gets its 15 Minutes of Fame, but more power to it…

fiddle leaf fig»photo source

Now, as I was saying…cultural influence…doesn’t get old.  Wrong.  It can.  Here’s how:

Let’s say you just went to Mexico.  Let’s say you saw all of these cute little mirrors and matchboxes and crosses that have Frida collaged all over them.  Let’s say you buy one of the matchboxes.  Then, let’s say the next day you decide you want the mirror, too.  It’s just so cute!  While you’re back at the store, you think that one of their Mexican blankets would be perfect on your couch (which, by the way, are actually pretty great on a couch).  Well, congrats…you just became a crazy person.  I did this.  The first time I went to Cabo San Lucas.  It was all so cute…down there.  Not in Minnesota.  It just wasn’t.  Maybe it was the climate change?  I thought it would be fun and kitschy.  It wasn’t.  The matchboxes became junk, the mirror became junk, the cross became junk.  Junk that ended up in a curbside donation box.



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