Shut it, Suzy! Bright & Happy Home Office

Welcome to my new weekly series…Shut it, Suzy!  Each week I’ll give you a nice little round up of different products for a different room or space in your home.  The reason I’ve chosen the title, “Shut it, Suzy!”, is two-fold.

1.  It can be read in a Valley Girl manner, as in, “Shut up!  I love it!”.

2.  I tend to talk a lot.  In this series…well, aside from today’s entry…I will not include any pesky words.  Those who know me well know that I am a talker.  Let me illustrate this with a short story.  Growing up, my family would travel to Texas every year to visit my Grandma Helen.  One year, my sister, cousin, and I made the trip down, without our parents.  I was ten years old.  My talking got to be such a ‘nuisance’ one day that my dear, sweet, loving grandmother actually offered to pay me 10 cents for every minute I could go without speaking.  That was the best money I ever made for not doing anything…75 cents.  So, as an ode to Grandma Helen…I will cease from using words.  I will ‘shut it.’

(I should note that my grandma would have never said those words to me, though…she just used money to make her point).

To kick things off, I have rounded up a few things to create a bright and happy office.  So, without further delay…I will now shut it.

home office elements

Shopping List:  (click on item for link)

Page Tabs.  Russel & Hazel.

Bisley File Cabinet.  Container Store. 

This Week Pad.  Tagg 2.

Eames Molded Plastic Chair.  Room and Board.

Tolomeo Table Lamp.  Room and Board.

Guest Check Tray.  Tagg 2.

Lyric Stripe Rug.  Tagg 2.

Moda Desk.  Room and Board.




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