About SPH

Hey there! So glad you stopped by! Here’s the 411…

I’m Suzy, and to sum it up, I love things that make me laugh, and things that are easy on the eyes. I live in Northfield, Minnesota with my husband, Steve (a quiet woodworker type), and our three year old daughter, Edie (a rambunctious toddler type).

I own a home decor & gift shop downtown Northfield, and am a jack of all trades…as long as those trades all have to do with throw pillows and hanging art at the correct height. I’m proud to be a fourth generation small town retailer (all of my predecessors had stores in the same building Tagg 2 currently resides in). I opened Tagg 2 in September of 2009, and I can’t believe how old it’s made me.  I mean, I keep track of receipts now…what’s that about?

My hope is that this blog will provide inspiration for you and your home.  I truly believe that your home should be your oasis.  You know, an oasis that happens to have a pile of bills on the counter, and dog hair on the couch.  I can’t help you with the pile o’ bills, but I can definitely help the space around those bills look super cute!  And that, to me, is what it’s all about.